The Sounds of San Jose

Before we jump into the Sounds of San Jose, let me tell you how the Mariachi Mile was started at the first annual San Jose 408k.  It was not developed after some 6-hour long focus group or part of some strategic marketing plan.  We were working our tail off to just produce the first 408k event and 48-hours before the event we were drinking beers in our office/warehouse place.

I remember thinking that it be cool if we had like a local version of Rock N Roll Marathon entertainment on our course.  Props to Rock N Roll for creating such a successful series of events, but it rarely reflects the real local flavor.  Here in San Jose we have a ton of mixing cultures, we’re the proverbial melting pot of diversity.  So I asked my team to get me some Mariachis.  I wanted live Mariachis on the course.  I think they rolled their eyes like they normally due at my wild ideas, especially right before an event.  But I was serious.  So 24-hours before the event our friend Doug hunted down the largest mariachi band he could find on on short notice, plopped them in the final mile of the inaugural event and the Mariachi Mile was born.  The runners loved it, total surprise for everyone involved.

This year we are attempting to provide a larger cross-section of San Jose’s music culture.  The 408 is certainly not just mariachi, instead its country and hip hop and Top-40 and college radio.  It’s a Mix…even Mix 106.5.  So this year we are starting the Sounds of San Jose.  Different local radio stations will be sponsoring each mile and graciously appearing on course to entertain our runners.  Of course we’ll still end with the mariachis, but now we hope to bring out the true range of musical culture in the 408.

Mile 1 will be sponsored by local college radio station 103.3 KSCU, plus DJ K-VON will again be at the start line to pump up the runners before the race.


Mile 2 will continue the momentum with pop favorite 9.45 KBAY.  We’re talking 80’s hits and 90’s power pop.  You know you like it.


Mile 3 will be time to go country with 95.3 KRTY.  Boots not recommended for the 8k, but certainly won’t be kicked off the course.


Mile 4 will be thumping with KMEL 106.1 and their mix of Hip-Hip and R&B.   Just when you need some energy from 2PAC, Eminem, or Drake…KMEL will save the day.


Mile 5 will still bring you all of the live mariachi bands 408k runners have come to expect, but this year we are adding some spice from 93.3 La Raza.


The Santana Row finish line will be sponsored by Mix 106.5 KEZR bringing all of those styles together for some festival fun.   It’s time to put the San Jose 408k on your list of awesome things to do.


Join us at the 3rd Annual San Jose 408k “Race to the Row” and enjoy the Sounds of San Jose.  Register at