Return of the Original & World’s Greatest California Mileage Challenge

Run Local Wednesday 2021 Week #14

We’re excited to announce that next week we’ll be opening up registration for the 2021 California Coast 500 🎉 The original and world’s greatest California mileage challenge is back and it is better than ever. 

We’ll have two special early bird sales:

  • Monday & Tuesday, April 12–13: 2020 Participant Exclusive Sale
  • Wednesday & Thursday, April 14–15: Early Bird Sale for the Run Local Community

Visit @RunLocalEvents on Instagram and in today’s Run Local Wednesday contest post let us know by Friday at 11:59pm PT:

  • What’s your summer mileage goal?
  • What’s your favorite California Coastal town?
  • Tag a friend and make sure both of you are following @RunLocalEvents

Five (5) winners will get an entry for themselves and the tagged friend 🙌

What do you get? Everything you loved in 2020, plus more. Much, much more…

Crazy Good Swag: Amazing medal, super soft event shirt, exclusive training plans, digital badges and a personalized commemorative bib.

🏅 Set Your Summer Mileage Goal:

  • 100 (Santa Barbara) – 7 miles p/week
  • 250 (San Luis Obispo) – 18 miles p/week
  • 400 (Santa Cruz) – 29 miles p/week
  • 500 (San Francisco) – 36 miles p/week

😎 New Endless Summer: log all your summer miles, beyond 500!

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Register as a Relay Team: new dedicated interactive map and digital badges to showcase how far you’ve gone together.

🏋️‍♀️🏄‍♀️ New Cross Training Category: more interested in cross training your way to San Francisco this year? We’ll have a dedicated experience for those applying their gym time, surf sessions and many other activities that move you.

🏆 Weekly Mini Challenges: be motivated each and every week with new challenges and opportunities to win prizes.

🎁 Digital Badges & Stoke: You’ll earn major milestone badges as well unlock checkpoint badges and more throughout the summer.

📣 Share with us your #RunLocalWednesday running route, post-run coffee shop, restaurant, or other local favorites on social for a chance to be featured in an upcoming newsletter and win Run Local gear.

Healthy Hips Workout

Since most of us sit for a large portion of the day, our hip function can change. Our hip flexors get shorter and tighter from being in a constant state of flexion and our glutes get weaker from being in a constant state of stretch. When the hip flexors get weaker, tighter, and dysfunctional, the lower back has to take over more of the postural control, which leads to decreased mobility, pain increasing the probability of injury. Poor hip function affects physical performance, especially for athletes.  


Normally it is not the result of the stronger muscles of the hips failing, like the glutes, hamstrings, or iliotibial band, but the deeper muscles of flexion, extension, and internal and external rotation. So instead of powerful forms of exercise to solve hip dysfunction, it is the more subtle, deep stabilizing muscles that need specific dynamic mobility, strengthening and stretching, that will return the hips to proper function and improved performance. 

The video describes a simple routine to increase function and mobility.