Represent Running to Run Local™️ Why and What it means

By J.T. Service, Represent Running & Run Local™️ founder

Represent Running® has been our baby for almost ten years. It all started in the aftermath of the 1st annual San Jose 408k “Race to the Row”.  We essentially created an event for San Jose, by San Jose and in San Jose. It was local to its core and was immediately received as a success. The next thought was “we can do this anywhere!”  People love local, experience-driven and fun events. So we did. We went to San Francisco and then to the East Bay in year two.

Year 1 of the 408k almost killed us. But we got it started and now we can’t be stopped.

This created the Run the Bay Challenge, but we thought the series needed a name. We chose the name Represent Running because at the time the word “Represent” was en vogue and we liked the freshness of it. It was all about representing your city, your favorite charity and your best self. 

But we need to change. Sometimes you do the same thing year after year and it gets stale. We received too many variations of the same question – “so, what exactly is Represent Running?” The Bay Area is all about learning, growing and innovating and we knew it was time to provide a spark for our brand.

This was at the first 415k. Went for the Northbay hippy vibe.

Represent Running meet Run Local™

We’re changing the name of our series and it’s deeply connected to a phrase that is near and dear to our hearts – Run Local. It’s already been our mantra for years, but now it’s our calling card. It has and will continue to drive many of the decisions you see and don’t see with our events to provide you uniquely local events.

Run Local – Bay Area is our first “series”, but who knows, we see the world as our oyster and ten years from launching we’re more stoked about our events than ever. Maybe we’ll find our way to other markets, maybe we’ll just keep kicking butt right here in our home towns. It just feels right and we’re going to use the new energy to propel the events to new heights. More local experiences including artists, after parties and supporting run crews. More incredible partnerships and thus real benefits to our runners. We’re feeling fired up and you will be too.

In 2018 we tricked Olympic Silver Medallist to partner with us on the Silicon Valley ½ Marathon. Just kidding he likes us and even if he doesn’t now he’s stuck with us.

Let’s Go Deeper with Run Local™

On the surface level, this initiative is about supporting your hometown fun run. Few people understand that most events are now owned by some private equity group in New York or a corporation in Shanghai. And there is nothing wrong with that. Make that money, honey. But right now we believe the world needs local. It’s where real things get done. We grew up here, we live here, kids go to school here, and we cheer Bay Area teams. That makes a difference. We care deeply about this place. This is home. We Run Local here. 

Next, the Run Local rebrand is going to unify our strategy of giving back to this community. We want more local charity partners and enhanced corporate and team partnerships. We’re creating a tidal wave of fresh energy in 2020 and we want all of you to be a part of it. Do you want to be a part of it? Hit us up and let’s talk about how we can work together. We Run Local with our partnerships. 

Last, but not least, we see Run Local as a way of life. This goes beyond the run. This is about supporting causes, people, initiatives, candidates, taking out your neighbor’s trash when they work late, cleaning up the park, and digging DEEP into all of our local communities. Run Local events are just the beginning. When you wear a Run Local® shirt, you’re making a statement. You’re saying I live here or I love it here. Right here. This is my town, my city, and my community. You’re taking ownership and telling people you are here to help. 

So now we’re asking you to join our team. Run Local events will have everything that Represent Running® produced in the past… and more. Register for a Run Local event and join the team today.