Mileage Tracker & Personal Best Challenge

How To Play

Our Mileage Tracker & Personal Best Challenge leaderboard is powered by PWR Lab.

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With your registration you'll receive access to ongoing challenges and chances to win prizes from Run Local and its partners.

Join the Run Local community by tracking your miles throughout the year! We'll support you with virtual high fives as you hit certain milestones such as 100 miles or 1,000 miles. And we'll also be releasing opportunities to win prizes from Run Local and its partners throughout.

Share Your Journey:
Create a Run Local Community account, share your local journey and be supported no matter where you live in the world.  Also, tag @RunLocalEvents and use #RUNLOCAL wherever you do social.

Some of you love to know what your lifetime records are, but we also know that it feels great to when see that you're improving this week or this month or this year. It's all about setting your personal bests

Sure, you'll see the top folk, but this is really about you vs. you. Not so much you vs. them.  

We have eight specific distances for you to walk or run your heart out. And you can do them wherever you want, whenever you want (until the end of the year), as many times as you want and in any order. The distances are: 1 Mile, 2 Mile, 5K, 5 Mile, 10K, 12K, 10 Mile & Half Marathon.

Share Your Journey:
Create a Run Local Community account, share your local journey and be supported no matter where you live in the world.  Also, tag @RunLocalEvents and use #RUNLOCAL wherever you do social.

We love positive reinforcement and we'll show you some love all along your journey through digital badges for milestones such as completing a Region or for repeating segments X amount of times.

We'll also occasionally offer up short mini-challenges with prizes to boot. Regardless if you win or not, you're already a winner in our book.

When you register you can create a team or join one. Then within the leaderboard see how your group of incredible people are doing throughout the year whether you're tracking miles or challenging each other to a specific distance, no matter where you live.

Once you've registered for the Challenge, you'll appear on the 2022 Run Local PWR Lab Leaderboard. From there you have two options to upload your mileage:

  • SYNC YOUR DEVICE: If you already have a PWR Lab account and you registered for the challenge with the same email address, you're all set. If you're new, please register for a PWR Lab account here to sync your device. 

  • MANUAL MILEAGE SUBMISSION: Log in from the Leaderboard and submit your miles.

PWR Lab is currently compatible with Apple, Garmin, Suunto, Polar, and COROS.


Uploading FIT files, GPX files, screenshots, etc. is not supported in order to get Verified results. Strava is not compatible, but you can sync your device to Strava and PWR Lab.

 If you do not have a supported GPS device, but carry a phone while you run, you can download the FREE Suunto App and use the app's GPS activity recorder to sync with PWR Lab.

PWR Lab is the world’s first Lived Experience (LX) Data Platform. People like you can connect devices and data sources to PWR Lab to aggregate the data about your real world lived experiences. You can then choose to share your LX data with organizations such as brands, research institutions, and event producers (like Run Local!). These organizations offer you perks in return for your data, and ultimately use the data to produce better products, experiences, services, and outcomes for you. You’re always in control: change at any time who (if anyone) gets your data, what data they receive, and how long they retain access to it.

Device Compatibility

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