Friday’s Top Three Reads

1. Alan Turing is the subject of a new movie with big Hollywood stars. Alan Turing is one of the most influential people of the 20th century, like helping win World War II influential. Alan Turing was also a runner! Now, I’m a total sucker for these historical figures who ran type stories, but this one digs in a little deeper on how running helped Turing think, and there’s even a little Joyce Carol Oats aside. It has his marathon PR in there too.

2. Speaking of topics I’m a sucker for, can I interest you in a good old fashioned underdog story from Outside? Oiselle is an upstart women’s running apparel brand that’s taking the fight right to the industry’s dominant players. And by that I mean Nike and USA Track and Field (USATF), the sport’s national governing body. If you’re interested in the clothing, the back story, or Oiselle’s big name athletes like Kara Goucher, this is worth the read. There’s also a bonus tip on how to better fit running into your work schedule that is totally true for me. Check it out.

3. The year’s end means it’s list time. And not just gift shopping lists, like best of everything lists for 2014. I’m even going to get in the game next week and bring you some of my own. One that I’m not doing is the best moments from the mile in 2014 because Bring Back the Mile took care of that one for me.