Why It’s Time to Run the Bay

Three races. One Bay Area. One Team Run the Bay. Even if I didn’t write that personally, I’d probably still think that’s not a half bad line. But it’s more than just a cool sounding catch phrase to us at Represent Running. It tells you one small piece of our story and where we’re going. I want to tell you one more.

Before there was Represent Running there was just The San Jose 408k. We wanted to put on a local race with San Jose’s look and feel, in support of and partnership with our community that welcomed all, and was a hell of a good time. Three years in, so far so good.

But here’s the thing. We’re not just the 408. Pull out a map of the Bay and I can paint my life through the numbers and so can this team. We’ve got ties to the 415 and 510, not to mention the 831, 650, 925 and just about every other area code in Northern California.  They’re all part of who I am. They’re all part of who we are. We aspired to bring unique, authentic experiences to some of the other places we’ve called home and now we have our races in the North Bay and the East Bay. Each one is true to it’s location and true to the ideas that got us started.

Even if we’re not done with bringing the party to all of our favorite places, we just can’t wait any longer to start tying it all together and make Represent Running look like who we are. Because our lives and running local don’t divide as cleanly as an area code and we don’t want our ambassador team split like that either.

We’re all area codes, all cities, all counties, all americans, and we need you to get out and represent not just the town you live in, but the place you grew up, the city where you work and especially the place you haven’t been yet. Let’s remind ourselves all the cool things we already know about the Bay Area and go discover a few more. Represent Running and Team Run the Bay will be there. Three races. The one and only Bay Area. I think it’s still pretty catchy. Come join us and see it’s more than just that.