Wednesday’s Top Three Stories

Today we’re going to: see how we can think our way to faster races, respond to all those coming holiday conversations with people who believe running is going to “ruin your knees,” and go deep on (with video!) some running history about one of America’s greats. This is your top three.

1. If you think those new shoes, compression socks, sports drink, or just about any other gadget, supplement or piece of equipment will help you run faster, you’re right — it probably will. But for a lot of this stuff it may be the thinking and not the thing that’s responsible. Our minds are powerful, and a recent study found evidence of the placebo effect getting people to run faster and have it feel easier.

2. Let’s keep this short and sweet: running isn’t going to ruin your knees.

3. I’m getting multimedia with a two-parter here. First, watch the opening 2:30 of this clip and you’ll see one of the most iconic American Olympic performances ever.

Second, you can read this story if want to know a little more about the fast dude in the funny hat, and how the 800m might not have even been his best distance.