Return to Racing, Unlock Your Fitness & Romanian Deadlifts

Run Local Wednesday 2021 Week #12

While we reflect on the last 12 months, we are looking to the future with optimism and a hopeful return to racing in California at the events you love. The California Coalition of Endurance Sports has been a voice for event companies and athletes alike to make this happen in the Golden State by providing resources as well as spearheading legislative efforts.

📺 Today on Run Local’s IGTV, J.T. gets through technical difficulties and is joined by the Coalition’s Katie Ho from Race Raves (fast forward to the 9:30 minute mark). Their efforts have brought together a membership representing 8,000 annual events, 2 million participants, and over $70 million donated to charity through their races.


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Romanian Deadlifts: A Valuable Exercise for Runners!

All runners want to run stronger, faster, and more efficiently and the Romanian deadlift is a valuable exercise to improve running efficiency. Although it seems like a relatively simple exercise, it has far more benefits as a multifunctional exercise than one might realize. It is a very effective stimulator of the posterior chain, the muscles in the back of the body. Most people sit a majority of the day and muscles in the back of the body become stiffer and weaker. Working the posterior part of the body and improving its function is crucial for efficient running.

Muscles Involved in a Romanian Deadlift 

Upper Body Muscles: 

  • Trapezius 
  • Rhomboids 
  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Abdominals 
  • Obliques 
  • Erector Spinae

Strengthening these posterior, upper body muscles improves posture and enhances ribcage mobility, improving respiration and increasing blood oxygenation, which is crucial for runners and all athletes

Lower Body Muscles: 

  • Gluteus Maximus 
  • Hip Flexors 
  • Quadriceps 
  • Hamstrings  
  • Calves  

The dynamic flexion and extension of this exercise in the lower body improve Hamstring, Hip Flexor, Quadricep, and Gluteus Maximus mobility and strength. The increase in strength, mobility, and coordination of these posterior chain muscles will make you a stronger, faster runner.   

The great thing about the Romanian Deadlift is that you do not need a gym to obtain all of its benefits. It can be done at home with or without dumbbells and can be done bilaterally or unilaterally to improve balance and proprioception.

Check out our video demonstrating the home version of this exercise!