Five Reasons Your Next Race Should Be Local (And a Giveaway)

Are you getting ready to find that next race? Can’t decide on which and where it should be? Well, here are five reasons that your next race should be local:

1. You know the course

Being familiar with where you are during a race, or more importantly how far you have left to go, can be to your advantage. Sure we all have GPS watches and there are mile markers, but knowing that you have to run from “here” to “there” can put your mind at ease. There is nothing worse than having a half mile feel like it’s taking forever.

2. You know the people

Chances are that you are going to see familiar faces out there on the course. They might be your friends, neighbors, person that serves your latte at the coffee shop, or that one guy that you always see at the local track. Giving another runner a nod on an out and back, or a high five post race can make the running experience that much better.

Also, it’s a great opportunity to encourage your non-running friends and family to come and cheer you on along the course. Funny signs, cow bells, bull horns, have fun with it.

3. You know the race

Running local doesn’t necessarily mean “small” in terms of race size. In the Bay Area, the San Francisco Marathon is a local race, as well as the Across the Bay 12k. Both cross the Golden Gate Bridge and have amazing views, yet they are far apart in terms of participation and distance options. But knowing each year that you can rely on the race to put on a quality event, removes one more concern from race day.

4. You are supporting local

We know the benefits of supporting local businesses, or locally grown food, and the same can be said for local races. Previous studies have shown that spending money locally can reap substantial economic benefit for the communities. Some local races will rely more heavily on local businesses through participating sponsorships, but most local races bring in additional money to local businesses regardless either through hotel, food, and/or shopping.

5. You get to sleep in your own bed

Don’t laugh, but being able to have a sound night sleep in your own bed can be beneficial to race day success. There is nothing worse than finding out your budget motel has terrible pillows and a lump in the bed. Sleeping at home can also help remove the “oh no, I forgot…” moment when unpacking your race day supplies the night before the race.


Making the decision to run local, big or small, can help improve your race day experience. If you can remove potential issues from the equation, it gives you a better opportunity to be more successful on race day. Whether you are racing for time or for fun, choosing local might be the best way to go.


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