Finding a Running Partner

We are proud to introduce—who we affectionately call—the First Couple of Represent Running: Ivie and AJ. Let’s allow them to briefly share how they met before we dive into what it’s like to be a running couple.

We met in 2011 when we were both on the New Restaurant Opening team for the Lakewood Red Robin. We became friends because of our work, our mutual love for Caramel Macchiatos and passion for good food. It wasn’t until a year later, and with some help from a little Disney magic, that we started dating. Now, about 4 years later we are engaged and have found new passions, like Lulu and the running community.


1. When you guys started dating, was a running a big part of it or something you later learned to appreciate.
When we started dating the only thing we ran to was the line of food trucks or rides at Disneyland. We learned to love running when we wanted to change our health and lifestyle. After running a few 5Ks together, we decided to up our game to the 10K and now the rest is history.

2. Some runners enjoy the mornings, others the afternoon. What’s it like balancing each of your running schedules?
We like to get it in whenever we can (still talking about running). With our work schedules and commute times we train whenever possible, anything from #RUNch breaks to post-dinner runs. In a perfect world Ivie likes morning runs, while AJ is more of a mid-morning kind of guy.

3. What’s one thing the other does (while running) that is “funny” or ok, “slightly annoying.”
Because we have so many charming running quirks, we rarely run together. You can always find us running together at runDisney events, otherwise we meet at the finish line. This decision has helped ensure we finish each race with a smile.

4. What is the best thing about being in a relationship with a fellow runner, aka having a running partner?
The best thing about being in a relationship with a runner is the support. There is a great level of understanding for the training hours, over hydrating, faces while foam rolling, and need for Epsom salt baths.

5. And of course, the most important question is last: who has the biggest fitness closet?
Ivie, for sure. We do have the “Rule of Lulu” in our household. If Ivie buys anything from Lulu, the rule is AJ gets 1 item, so it’s often 3:1. Because of Ivie’s online shopping addiction, AJ actually gets worried when a day goes by and we don’t get a box at the door. And as a bonus we wear the same size PRO Compression socks so each of our running wardrobes comes with #allthesocks.

There you have it. It IS possible to have a successful relationship with a runner. Congratulations to AJ and Ivie on their recent engagement.

Run With AJ and Ivie?

Although they are located in Southern California, they will both be participating in the Represent Running Series. If they can’t join us on race day, they’ll be taking advantage of the remote runner option and running at home—and you can too!

Use code Represent16-AI for a discount on the 408K in March.

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