Field Day L.A. with Damion Marshall

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Hello, my name is Damion Marshall I am 23 years old. I was born, raised, and still live in Southern California. I am a recent Student-Athlete graduate from UCLA. I am now pursuing my Masters of Business Administration with a Sports Emphasis at Grand Canyon University. I have focused my life on being an athlete from football to basketball, beach volleyball, and to track and field since the age of 6. My profession is Track and Field.

For the past 4 years, I have been a Student-Athlete at UCLA where I competed as a Track and Field athlete. One of my favorite experiences competing for the Bruins was making it to NCAA Division l Nationals. The experience is so crazy! You are exposed to some of the best athletes in the United States and when competing it makes you more hungry for the next season by making you want to be 10x better than what you were.

When having competitions in California, my favorite place to train and compete would be at MT. Sac. College. The atmosphere at the track to me makes me run personal records every time I run there.

Running has allowed me the opportunity to compete and train in many amazing places in California, out of state as well. One of my favorite places to run would be anywhere along the California coast – especially along the beach, just near the ocean. Running beachside, you are able to have amazing scenery, low impact on your body, and the fresh ocean breeze.

With all my travels, I still love exploring my Southern Californian home the best. I have discovered some amazing food places in the Los Angeles area. For brunch, you have to make a stop at Whiskey Red’s in Marina Del Rey along the water. Lunchtime Coral Tree in Brentwood is a great laid back spot that has some great pasta, salads, and Sandwiches. Lastly, dinner there are many spots I can talk about, but I can never get tired of going to El Coyote Mexican Cafe.